Cari Baum LL.M. Meidation in The OC


Cari S. Baum has practiced for over 25 years in California and has handled a wide variety of matters. She practiced with both the plaintiff and defense bar. During her practice, Cari searched for a better way to resolve disputes for her clients and discovered Mediation. Cari determined that Mediation provided the parties with the fastest and most cost effective path to a win-win resolution.

Anyone that's ever been involved in litigation knows it is expensive and time consuming. However, it is the inherent risks of Trial that can be the most difficult to evaluate and manage. Trial presents a journey into the unknown. However, there is a shortcut to successful resolution for you and your client.

Cari S. Baum, Esq., LL.M.  provides The Shortcut to ResolutionSM, a mediation tailored to the needs of the parties and their counsel. There is no single model of mediation that is appropriate for every dispute. Cari’s approach is flexible, creative and effective. She evaluates each case individually with the assistance of the parties to determine whether a joint session or private meetings will provide the greatest opportunity for successful resolution at the mediation. Whether utilizing a joint session or private meetings it is crucial for the parties to feel that they have been heard and understood.

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